About GCJ Productions – Meet the Owner


Proud member of the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce and Rolesville Chamber of Commerce.

A native of North Carolina, Gordon Coleman Jr. (GCJ) was raised in Rocky Mount. After moving to Raleigh, Gordon was able to receive his degree in Digital Art and Animation. With this he pursued to help people on the ground level by meeting one on one to solve their graphic and web design needs.

His background in design includes Adobe Creative suite: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign. Web designer talents include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, good ol’ HTML, PHP, CSS and database management. He also started his career in IT repair and consultation, which helped in understanding client’s needs.

“My vision for GCJ Productions is to create a company that helps individuals and businesses reach their online goals. As technology grows, it is very important to not fall behind and miss the great opportunities the internet offers.”

Gordon founded GCJ Productions in July 2008, around the time of the decline in the job market. Thankfully, he was able to continue to grow even under the pressure. Over the years to follow, GCJ Productions has established wonderful relationships within the community around all of NC. Currently Gordon operates the business in the Raleigh, Wake Forest and Rolesville area.

“We like to thank everyone who has helped us become who we are as a business. Look forward to reaching your dreams,”

Gordon Coleman Jr.
Owner- GCJ Productions