Web Analysis For Growth and Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization Raleigh NC

GCJ Productions offers web analysis services to help businesses find their market so they can grow.
An example benefit is having search engine optimization in Raleigh NC.

Web Analysis Options from GCJ Productions

With the Internet growing every day, there is a lot of ways to increase foot traffic physically and digitally. Google Analytics is a great tool to find out who your customers are online and how to increase sales. Many people have discovered that they can grow their business on top of what they normally do by finding out what people focus on. More info.

Benefits to Our Web Analysis:

1. Knowing how many people visit your website.
2. What pages your visitors are spending more time on.
3. How long a person views your site and when.
4. What devices they are using.
5. Gender audience and age group
6. What keywords are being used in search engines to find you.
7. What links are being clicked on.

One of the best benefits is Search Engine Optimization in Raleigh NC

All of these benefits can give you an advantage on promoting your company or anything in particular. You may focus your business on a certain demographic but what happens if you find out that your online audience is different? How would you know? What if you have no idea of who your audience is or what they want in particular?

What you can do after knowing your audience:

1. Sell online ads catered to your customers to increase revenue.
2. Optimize your website to key phrases to boost search engine traffic.
3. Update your site timed to when your customers commonly view it.
4. Promote services or products that customers actively lookout for.
5. Put valuable products or services where viewers currently focus on.

Now since you know why you should have web analysis, here is what GCJ Productions can do to help.

Services we offer:

1. Google Analytics One time setup: We can offer to integrate the analytics and have it working properly. We also offer training so you can monitor at your leisure.
2. Google Analytics Continuous Service: A great way for you to focus on what you do best and leave us to take care of the dirty work. Web Analysis can take substantial time to read through and understand. We can offer to send a simplified report with suggestions to help quickly focus on what you need to do benefit from understanding your audience. Continuous reports are billed prior to service. Options are:

A. Weekly Reports – Every Monday receive a weekly report on your website.

B. Monthly Reports – First of the month receive a monthly report. Something great to bring to your review meetings!

C. Quarterly Reports – Once every 3 months receive a report.